Journeyman Lineman SCD NERC

Location: Centreville, MD, United States
Organization: Delmarva Power & Light Co
Job ID: 243514
Date Posted: Nov 29, 2022
Job: Overhead Technician

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Job Description


Under direct or general supervision regularly and customarily performs any work required for the construction and maintenance of all types of dead or energized conductors, structures, and equipment used in the transmission and distribution of electrical energy. 
This includes the following illustrative duties, together with other related and incidental work: 
  • Regularly does the most complicated construction and maintenance work on energized conductors, structures and equipment. 
  • Installs, maintains, removes or replaces underground and overhead systems, including the splicing of rubber insulated non leaded cable; does phasing and phase rotation on polyphase circuits; does distribution and transmission switching and sectionalizing when required; traces and clears grounds and opens on series circuits. 
  • Installs, tests, maintains, removes or replaces transformers, regulators, relays, lightning arresters, and other allied equipment and control apparatus. 
  • Installs, or assists in installing, instrument transformers; installs, removes, connects or disconnects electric meters and services.  
  • Makes load and voltage tests; patrols transmission and distribution lines, and inspects related equipment or refuses transformers, when required.  
  • Does minor piping, painting and excavating; makes and places forms for foundations and other simple concrete work; erects steel structures; places or removes heavy equipment; and performs other work of an allied nature.  
  • Is responsible for the observance of all safety rules and determines that proper clearance and grounding have been established, when necessary, for the protection of himself and the men working with him. 
  • Performs incidental clerical work as required. 
  • Directs the work of and instructs others assigned to assist him. 
  • Takes training to maintain proficiency. 
  • Operates automotive equipment when required. 
  • After two (2) years in grade, leads a two (2) man bucket crew. In addition to the above and other related work of similar grade, a Journeyman Lineman will be assigned to any other work of equal or lesser skill, within the capabilities of the individual, to meet emergencies or other operating needs.


  • Experience demonstrating skill performing construction and maintenance work on overhead and underground dead or energized conductors, structures and equipment. Experience demonstrating skill installing, testing and maintaining electrical equipment (for example, regulators, reclosures, capacitors, transformers, electric meters). 
  • Experience demonstrating skill performing load and voltage tests on conductors and equipment. Knowledge of fundamentals of electricity related to the construction, maintenance and operation of distribution and transmission lines and equipment. 
  • Experience demonstrating skill installing and maintaining underground and overhead electrical systems. 
  • Experience demonstrating skill performing switching, grounding and tagging procedures. 
  • Experience demonstrating skill operating: - construction equipment such as, but not limited to, aerial lifts, digger derricks, cranes, trenchers, backhoes, shovels, puller tensioners, tracked vehicles and forklifts; - cable locating and electrical test equipment; and - hand and power tools. Experience demonstrating skill directing/training others (for example, linemen apprentices). 
  • Ability and willingness to work in a variety of work environments including outdoors in all weather conditions, on or around energized electrical equipment, in confined spaces, underground and in noisy and dirty environments with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  
  • Ability and willingness to perform physically challenging tasks for extended periods of time (for example, entering/exiting manholes, climbing poles and structures, scaffolding, bending, twisting, kneeling, crawling, pulling/pushing, standing, walking, and squatting). 
  •  Ability and willingness to work at various locations as required. Ability and willingness to perform a second role in accordance with Pepco Holding's Emergency Preparedness Guidelines for all employees Ability and willingness to work overtime, alternative/various shifts, holidays and weekends as required. 
  • Ability and willingness to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation (for example, substance abuse testing, satisfactory driving record). Ability and willingness to adhere to federal, state, local and company safety regulations in addition to Pepco Holdings policies and values. 
  • Ability and willingness to apply resuscitation on or off ground and be able to render practical first aid as required. Must live within a 25-mile radius of the District Office. 
  • Must pass qualification tests. Must possess a valid driver's license. 
  • Must possess a Class A CDL and medical card. 
  • Must have completed a Lineman Apprenticeship or currently be at the level of a 1st Class Journeyman Lineman OR possess a journeyman card. 
  • Must successfully pass a Criminal History Background Check which consists of a 7-year criminal records check for felony convictions 
  • Must successfully pass a medical screening to include a drug test. 
  • This position is a NERC Regulated position. As such, a background check will be conducted on the incumbent every seven years. Additionally, the incumbent will be required to complete annual NERC compliance training. 
  • Experience demonstrating skill performing excavation, conduit installation, simple concrete work (e.g., break up concrete) and/or painting of electrical equipment. 
  • Experience demonstrating skill trimming trees and/or brush from right of ways.
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